Under many legal systems if you work for an employer any injury claim that you might have is subject to a workers’ compensation law. Workers’ Compensation law offers various benefits to employees including payments for medical bills and compensation for any permanent impairment or disability incurred at the work premises.

However, recovering these benefits without having the support of a legal representative is a difficult task. Filing a workers compensation claim is extremely confusing and complex and should only be done by an experienced workers compensation lawyer. These attorneys have the right amount of information to guide you through the procedures and ensure that your compensation claim is filed on time so that your rights are protected. Here are three more reasons why it is important to seek legal help for filing a workers compensation claim.

1. You can prevent making common mistakes:

Regular people often find it difficult to file a workers’ compensation claim after they have been injured at their workplace. The last thing you want in such circumstances is to worry about handling a case on your own. Always remember, that the insurance company and the employer would naturally look out for their best interest in situations similar to these.
Filing a legal claim requires confirming with various rules and regulations, making it even more prone to mistakes. Experienced lawyers have back to back cases related to the workers’ compensation bureaucracy every day. They are fully aware of the system, and can help eliminate errors that are likely to put your claim in jeopardy.

2. They can determine if you have a valid claim:

If you wish to protect your rights of recovery or compensation, being the injured party you must file a workers’ compensation claim. Most people are often misled with reasons why their claim is invalid and are scared away by powerful parties.

These reasons might include that although the party was injured at work, they continued to work, or they are afraid that they might have to pay for the damage caused during the accident or simply because they might be afraid of losing their jobs. A worker’s claim attorney will review your case and advise you if your case is valid or not accordingly.

3. They help gather evidence to support your claim:

To avoid compensating for your loss, your employer or the insurance company may challenge your workers’ comp claim. To win the case you need full proof evidence that supports your claim for which a lawyer can assist by collecting the right evidence or seeking out an independent doctor for thorough examination to determine the intensity of your injuries. The attorney collects and provides contradictory evidence to support your claim.

Some people might feel repelled to hire a personal injury attorney as they believe that in case the claim gets denied, they will have to pay the attorney anyway. This is a misconception since personal injury or workers claim lawyers work for a contingency fee which means you are liable to pay them only if they are able to get you your compensation.

In the entire US, over six million automobile accidents happen every year, one in three of those accidents involve personal injuries while two out of ten of those accidents result in fatalities. Although we hope you never find yourself amidst such dangerous situations, in case you happen to, it’s very crucial to get a hold of yourself, come out of the shock or trauma and take the following steps to protect your interests.

1. Do not drive away:

When in an accident, never make the mistake of driving away. Instead try to protect the life of anyone that you might have hurt. If you find someone hurt, get medical help immediately it might not be too late. In case there is no physical injury but the person is under shock, give them CPR and help them breathe by loosening their clothing and rubbing their hands and feet.

2. Secure your surroundings:

When in a car accident, try to look for any potential hazards that risk your surroundings. Prevent more accidents by evacuating the area if your car might blow up and in cases of dark roads, open your flashlights to notify others to be cautious till professional help arrives.

3. Call the police instantly:

Even when there are no injuries, always call the police. A police report is important to file a claim with your insurance company, whether it is a claim for damage to your vehicle or life. Leave the vehicle involved on the accident site, unless it is interfering with the traffic.

4. Notify your insurance company:

As soon as possible, call your insurance company and report the accident to them. Many insurance policies require immediate reporting after an accident with full proof of evidence. Ask your insurance company if you qualify for medical benefits as a part of your insurance coverage, called Medpay. Medpay coverage covers your accident-related medical bills. All the occupants of the insured vehicle can benefit from this coverage.

5. Call your lawyer as soon as possible:

Last but not the least, calling your attorney is one of the most important things you should do after an accident. Your lawyer knows all the ways that can protect your rights and make sure valuable evidence is observed and recorded. Before providing any kind of information to the insurance companies or a statement to the police, it is important that you have your attorney along with you or they have legally advised you before providing such a statement. An attorney has the accurate solution or advice to provide you regarding issues like full compensation for your vehicle or availability of medical treatments for you. Most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, which means you do not owe them any legal fee unless the attorney recovers compensation for your loss and injuries.

Law is complex, and often many people are not aware of their legal rights in disputes or any other legal issue that can casually arise. Lawyers might sound like a scary and expensive word to many, but the truth is, a lawyer with proper understanding of law can actually save you time and unwanted stressful situations. Having a lawyer for situations which you are not informed or prepared for can be extremely exhausting both financially and emotionally causing further issues, hence the ever arising need of protecting your rights with the help of attorneys and their legal knowledge. We have simplified five circumstances where hiring a lawyer may be your best bet to overcome complex situations.

1. Starting a business

A business started with the guidance of a lawyer would provide immense benefit in understanding all the legal requirements that a business requires. Complying with applicable laws and understanding your legal disposition can be tricky without legal advice. If a business involves partners, it is crucial to safeguard your rights and assets for which a legal framework can be provided by your lawyer avoiding any difficulties that might arise tarnishing your business.

2. Divorce proceedings

A divorce which might spark arguments over assets and custody is best dealt with a family law lawyer. Allegations of abuse or financial disagreements can be guided with proper litigation ensuring your rights are not compromised in between a very emotional time.

3. Personal Injury

If ever you find yourself in midst of an accident incurring injuries, hiring a lawyer would ensure that any benefits which you are entitled to, are not compromised and during your recovery period can fighting in your best interests.

4. Contract Formation

Before forming a contract, which binds you legally, it is essential to understand the terms and conditions you are signing up for. If there is confusion over the terms and conditions, there is a chance you might compromise to be legally bound in a contract and incur expensive litigation to reverse the contract. Its best to make sure that before signing you can hire a lawyer and be sure of what the contract would legally bind you for rather than spending on litigation later in the future.

5. Estate Planning

An estate plan is absolutely necessary to be drafted and executed to perfection in order to avoid any costly litigation which might arise after your demise creating an unnecessary and irreversible rift between your loved ones. To ensure that your wishes are carried out according to plan hiring a lawyer would benefit you unconditionally. It would allow your loved ones to remember your legacy without having to dispute over your estate.